Because independent record labels are dying off and are being sold to megacorporations more and more often;

Because queer independent record labels, by their “niche” nature, are especially susceptible to closing;

Because we often lose the work of amazing LGBTQ artists to the dollar discount bin of the used record store when queer record labels go under;

Because we wish to preserve the legacies of important riot grrrl and queercore musicians for present and future generations to appreciate their work;

Because fucking kids these days think that “gay music” is Lady fucking Gaga and the Scissor Sisters, and because they’ve never heard of Bikini Kill or Excuse 17;

For all of these reasons, we are SOUL PONIES.

We will post MP3s and videos of queercore and riotgrrrl bands and make available full albums of out-of-print CDs and vinyls. As we grow, we’ll provide the option to purchase high-quality MP3s of these recordings, with all profits going directly to the artists themselves, who might not have otherwise ever seen another penny from their music. Oh, & if we find time, we’ll also blog about some queercore/riot grrrl history and current bands, too.

We can’t wait to share this with you, dear reader.


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