Hej Sverige! I’m coming for you!

Hej Sverige! I’m coming for you!


From September 21st – 28th, I’ll be visiting a number of universities across Sweden (even making a short stopover in Denmark) to discuss altmetrics with researchers and librarians, including a presentation at the ChALS 2015 conference in Gothenburg on September 23rd.

I could not be more excited for this visit–I’ve had a fondness for Sweden ever since seeing the film Show Me Love (or “Fucking Åmål” in Swedish) as a young teen (a fact that I’m sure will make any Swedes reading this post giggle). In learning more about the country over time, I’ve developed an admiration for its progressive politics, including its commitment to gender and LGBT equality and its singular role in caring for the world’s refugees. And in recent years, I’ve been very impressed by the important role Swedish academic librarians are playing in open access and altmetrics advocacy, as well.

Unless otherwise noted below, during my visits I’ll be presenting a new hands-on workshop titled, “Is your research making a difference?” to both researchers and librarians at each university. This workshop includes an overview of altmetrics, practical examples of librarians and researchers’ use of altmetrics, and a chance to find altmetrics data using Altmetric for Institutions, the Altmetric bookmarklet, and Impactstory.

Here’s my itinerary:

  • Monday, 9/21 – Technical University of Denmark (Lyngby/Copenhagen)
  • Tuesday, 9/22 – Göteborgs Universitet (Gothenburg)
  • Wednesday, 9/23 – ChALS 2015 Conference (this year’s theme is “Make your mark!”) – “What we talk about when we talk about impact” (Gothenburg)
  • Thursday, 9/24 – Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg)
  • Friday, 9/25 – Södertörn University – “Altmetrics: What all librarians need to know” &&&  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Stockholm)
  • Monday, 9/28 – Stockholms Universitet (Stockholm)

If you’ve got any recommendations for the best konditoris (konditorin? konditoror?) to visit while in Gothenburg and Stockholm, I’d love to hear them in the comments below or on Twitter! I’ve recently started taking an afternoon fikapaus (such a wonderful custom!) and want to get it right while I’m in the motherland. And I’m of course always welcome to beer recommendations–which Swedish craft breweries do I just have to try?

On a more serious note, I’m deeply indebted to Urban Andersson, Marie Hogander, and the ChALS 2015 organizing committee for their invitation and support in getting me to Gothenburg to present on the 23rd. They’ve made this entire trip possible.

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