Here is what I’m currently doing with my life.


I’m the Director of Research & Education at Altmetric, a data science company that uncovers the attention that research receives online. My research interests include incentives systems and values in academia, and I have written and presented widely about altmetrics, Open Science, and library services.

Side projects


  • Exploring the Twin Cities: I moved to Minneapolis in late 2017 and am in love with it (and also Saint Paul)!
  • Python: I’m in the midst of learning Python for data science.
  • Martial arts: In April 2017, I earned my yellow belt in krav maga (studying at the excellent G3 Combatives in Rio Rancho, NM). Since moving to Minneapolis, I’ve opened up my martial arts study to include muay thai and other disciplines.
  • Homebrewing: I’ve been homebrewing beer and wine since 2012. I use BrewersFriend to manage and share my beer recipes.

This page is inspired by Belle Beth Cooper.

Last updated January 1 2018.