Results of the #Force2016 Innovation Challenge: we won!

I’m pleased to report that along with the team behind Radian (a knowledge portal for data management librarians), the Metric Tookit (pitched by me, Heather Coates, and Robin Champieux) has won the Force 2016 PitchIt Innovation Challenge!

I’m hugely proud and very excited about bringing this idea to life. In talking with researchers and librarians worldwide over the past two years, the single biggest request I tend to get is an easy way to understand what metrics really mean (or more importantly, what they don’t mean). This toolkit will be that resource.

We’ve already started to get some promising feedback about our plans, including these nice tweets from (one of my favorite open scientists :)) Erin McKiernan and Sara Mannheimer:

To learn more about our vision, visit the Jisc Elevator site, where we’ve submitted our pitch and an accompanying video.

Many thanks to Heather and Robin, who were the driving force behind developing such a compelling pitch deck! And thank you also to the Force11 community–we look forward to sharing our results with you soon!

Stacy Konkiel
Stacy Konkiel
Professional Data Wrangler 🤠

Stacy Konkiel is a data analyst.