Ladies and gays, your outrage won’t protect you. Learn krav maga instead.

Ladies and gays, your outrage won’t protect you. Learn krav maga instead.

I’m just as disheartened by the election results as many other gays (and 46% of other white women), but I truly cannot take another “hot take” on what a Trump presidency means for minorities.

Stop repeating what we already know. Civil rights are likely going to be taken away. Police brutality is going to get worse. And hate crimes are reportedly already on the rise against many minority groups, including LGBTs.

How about we all redirect our energy away from complaining and towards doing something constructive?

Here’s one easy way to stage your own personal resistance: enroll in krav maga, so you’ll be able to defend yourself if you’re ever attacked.

Krav maga is an Israeli self-defense system that is designed for literally anyone to be able to participate, no matter your level of current fitness, physical ability, gender, or stature. Krav is often just as much about deescalation and conflict avoidance as it is about physical responses to attacks.

Chances are, within the first few months of taking krav maga, you’ll be able to better handle stressful situations through talking and also lay out anyone who attempts to, say, grab at your pussy. As you advance within your training, you’re also taught how to handle multi-attacker scenarios, deal with armed attackers, and more.

There are many different “schools” of krav maga, most claiming to be the ultimate or “true” krav (that is, claiming teaching lineage back to krav maga’s creator, Imi Litchfield). Personally, I’ve had good experience with chapters of Krav Maga Worldwide and Urban Krav Maga, the former placing a special emphasis on form and technique. r/kravmaga is a good place to ask for advice about certain schools and instructors, if you’re unsure about local prospects. Many dojos offer the first class or two for free, so don’t be afraid to shop around to find an instructor who seems competent and respectful of gays and women.

On that note, a warning about dojo culture: some krav dojos are home to macho types, including those who say dodgy things about Black Lives Matter, transgender folk, gays, and women. If you encounter an instructor who participates in that kind of talk or who doesn’t discourage it, you probably should find another dojo, full stop. (Sure, you could try to talk to them about the problems you’ve got with their behavior, but if you don’t want to be another person’s teaching moment for the umpteenth time, don’t feel bad about simply cutting them loose.)

Overall, the benefits of learning krav far outweigh the potential drawbacks. I find that I’m less fearful of walking alone at night and more confident being affectionate in public with my wife. I’ve also stopped having those nightmares (ladies, you know the ones), where someone attacks and you scream but no one can hear you. Now, someone attacks me and I fight back and win.

PS If you’re comfortable with guns as a means of self-protection (I’m not), there are still loads of allies eager to teach gays how to handle firearms.

PPS If you’re a krav maga instructor who wants to help women, gays, and other minorities at scale, let’s talk. I’ve got some ideas.

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