Moving on from Impactstory

Moving on from Impactstory

Today, Jason & Heather announced that they’ve had to downsize my role at Impactstory as they work to improve Impactstory’s product-market fit. To say that I’m sad about their decision doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling–in some ways, I feel like I’m going through a breakup–but I’m optimistic about the future. And I have nothing but love and admiration for Heather and Jason, who are working very hard to make Impactstory a success.

So, what’s next for me, professionally-speaking?

To be honest, I’m of two minds. One part of me wants to continue working in the scholarly communication/publishing startup world, where change happens quickly, bureaucracy is limited, and success is hard-won but possible. The other part of me wants to return to academic librarianship, where I could have a stable, long-term career, I’d be able to build lasting local connections with faculty and students, and opportunities to do research abound.

In either case, my time at Impactstory has confirmed for me that I’m great at connecting with researchers at all stages of their careers, across many disciplines. Also, I really enjoy (and am pretty darn good at) building communities and doing outreach online.

Until further notice, I’m seeking job opportunities. You can learn more about my work at or at If you’ve got a lead, email me at

One thought on “Moving on from Impactstory

  1. To anyone who’s thinking of hiring Stacy: do it. She’s an incredible asset to any organization, and we’re grateful and proud to have worked with her. Contact us at and we can give you lots of details on just how amazing she is.
    -Jason and Heather, Impactstory cofounders

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